Product Development

Have nothing more than an idea? It's the right time to reach out. We help our clients refine their vision, analyze the market, decide on timing, technology stack, and much more. We are also aware that a vision is a living thing which evolves with time - we are here to support you for the long run. Let's talk about it.

Software & Data Engineering

The core of our expertize, what we live and breathe. We thrive on building high quality technology solutions, iterating quickly to satisfy the everchanging market demand, and making them sustainable for the long haul. Cloud is everywhere, and we're on it. Whether it's a specialized internal tool, a large-scale data processing solution or a highly distributed, and scalable b2b architecture, we have you covered.

Quality Assurance

Building robust and scalable software that can stand the test of time and growth is not easy. Unpredicted negative outcomes and technology debt are a real liability both for the development velocity and the financial budget. We put a lot of effort into process planning, documentation and full-cycle quality assurance, to bring this risk to a minimum.


Discharge is a platform for non-intrusive, optical flow measurement and large scale acquisition platform for hydrometric and meteorological data. It’s goal is to tackle the globally present problem of water deficiency, by providing the insight into details and allowing to store, organize and utilize the collected data. The original purpose is based on the common requirement for water resources management across large areas of the globe, but it has evolved to be much more than that - providing features like forecasting, alerting, reporting and much more - with costs only at a fraction of the classic approaches.



A platform dedicated to presenting live cardiology procedures from cath labs around the world 24/7, both via livestream on YouTube or on demand. The site presents dozens of livestreams from multiple locations every day, with content geared towards clinicians and interventional cardiologists around the world.



iEasyHydro operational hydrology web application is modelled after requirements for managing data from mountain rivers in the Central Asia context. The application allows safe and secure gauging station administration, the maintenance and update of discharge-height relationships at the stations and reporting and synthesising these data for regular reporting. The operational forecasting tool is linked to the web database. The platform is developed using Python (CherryPy) and Javascript (AngularJS) technologies and hosted on the AWS cloud (EC2 + RDS PostgreSQL).

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Data extraction and web scraping

Throughout the years we have built many systems for structuring unstructured data, usually from web resources but also from other sources. Every project is always a custom built solution for a specific problem, be it data aggregation for processing purposes, custom integration with third party providers that don't support API integration, data change monitoring, retail, and multitude of others.

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Data Warehousing & ETL

We have buit multiple Data Warehouse solutions for our clients, with ETL pipelines that ingest, transfor, normalize and enrich the data from multiple sources into a single DWH for business intelligence purposes. The implementation is always a fully parallelized, time critical and fail tolerant solution, which provides the basis for business intelligence insights and making smarter business decisions based on real data. The solutions are usually based on Apache Airflow running on Amazon AWS, using S3, PostgreSQL and Snowflake for data storage, and Terraform + Docker for infrastructure and runtime management.

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